Why should you take this course?

Do you feel lack of inspiration when you have to design or memorize a speech?     

Are you concerned that you might suffer a mind blank during a speech?    

Don't worry!      

This course will give you a set of effective tools and ideas to help you master this area, from the speech preparation  to its delivery to the audience.           

At the end of this course, you will understand how to use memory techniques in designing and memorizing any speech or presentation  and you will see just how simple and handy this skill is!   

By using the memory techniques presented in this course, it will be very easy for you to memorize the important points of speech or even the entire speech or presentation, and eliminate the fear of forgetting forever.   

These techniques are used in all stages of the speech, from preparation to delivery.  Each technique is explained in detail and with a lot of examples.          

You will also learn tips and tricks from the experts, to help you perform more effectively.      

 In the Bonus Section, I will show you how to use the memory techniques to effectively retain jokes and funny stories.   

 I'm sure you will enjoy it and I can't wait to be your guide and mentor on this exciting new journey!

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer& Blogger at The Mnemo Bay

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Using Memory Techniques in Public Speaking

  • 3

    The Practical Part of the Course

    • 5.The Practical Part of the Course

    • Bonus- How to Memorize Jokes for Public Speaking

  • 4

    Summary and Next Steps

    • Summary and Next Steps

    • More resources for you


Instructor Title

Chris M Nemo

   I'm Chris M Nemo - Memory Improvement Writer & Blogger.        I’m passionate about helping you to achieve more with your mind right now, regardless of your education, age, or other conditionings.       The purpose of the courses and books I have created is to put some order in this rather hermetic field of memory techniques. They have already helped tens of thousands of students improve their learning skills and begin training their memory.      I strongly believe that the clarity of my explanations, along with the easy-to-understand practical applications I present in my lessons, will make you better understand what memory improvement is about.     I'm also the creator of the Super Clever Advanced Learning Method (SCALM), a universal method that can help you learn any subject and even memorize entire books. Combining the most efficient memory techniques, this original method is extremely efficient and versatile.       On my blog, 'The Mnemo Bay', you can find an organized framework for everything related to memory improvement, which can give you a clear picture of what this wonderful hobby and skill can do for your life.