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Why should you take this course?

The most important promise of this course is that you can become a SUPER LEARNER . Whether you know it or not, you already have the capacity to memorize entire books. All it takes is a little motivation and a method to facilitate your learning.

In this course, I present my own original and extremely efficient method for learning any kind of information, a very versatile method that combines the most efficient memory techniques.

I created this method after many years in which I had to learn a lot of abstract and highly diversified information. At one point, I asked myself the question: "How could I approach in a unitary way the memorization of any kind of information, whether it is a biology essay or a philosophy book? What are the universal steps of any learning process and how can I adapt them to any type of material that I have to learn?"

The answer came when I began to study and practice the memory techniques. I discovered that, by combining these techniques, not only did the learning process become faster, but at the same time the learned information remained much longer stored in my memory.

Over time, I became a proactive learner and I synthesized a series of steps that transformed my learning into a pleasant and extremely effective experience.

There is a method—a formula, if you will—behind any ultra-efficient learning. 

And that’s what this course is about: taking you behind the curtain and showing you that formula.

This great learning tool, that I have named "the SCALM technique", is extremely effective because of its versatility. It can be applied to any type of material you will have to remember.

By following a series of clear steps and simple rules for memorizing different types of information, the SCALM method brings a systematic approach to a task that seems difficult for all of us: memorizing hundreds of pages of horribly abstract , unattractive and unrelated information. 

I have to tell you from the beginning that this is not a theoretical course. Although I will try to explain in detail each concept and each step of this simple method, I hope this course will not seem very theoretical to you. I added as many examples as possible to help you better understand how the method works.

You might view this course as an opportunity to improve your proactive learning abilities and to add to your learning toolset an invaluable technique.

This course is an investment in your future!

Enroll now and get lifetime access!

Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer and Blogger at The Mnemo Bay

Creator of the Super- Clever- Advanced- Learning- Method (SCALM)


What are the requirements for taking this course?

No prior knowledge required ! You will see for yourself how simple and handy this method is!

  • This course will teach you an original and extremely efficient method for learning any kind of information

  • The purpose of this course is to teach you how to memorize hundreds of unrelated, unattractive pages of information systematically.


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Rita Wilson

Its practical application is what makes this course so special. The SCALM method should be taught in schools.

John Holmes

This course teaches you the crucial skill which you can use in all other areas of life. And the author explains everything in a very nice and easy way, so you can understand and grasp all necessary techniques for using it. It is not just dry explanation of the concepts, but you will learn how to use it practically. I can hardly imagine an area of life where you cannot achieve improvement using SCALM method. If I only knew this when I was young and when I started with my education. My life would be much, much easier and better. And as a parent, I can hardly wait to share this with my son.

Ron O'Sullivan

The technique will really prove itself useful in my studies. Finally I have a proven method of turning my study notes into memories.

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Instructor: Chris M Nemo

Memory Improvement Writer& Blogger at the Mnemo Bay Creator of The Super Clever Advanced Learning Method SCALM

Instructor Title

Chris M Nemo

   I'm Chris M Nemo - Memory Improvement Writer & Blogger.        I’m passionate about helping you to achieve more with your mind right now, regardless of your education, age, or other conditionings.       The purpose of the courses and books I have created is to put some order in this rather hermetic field of memory techniques. They have already helped tens of thousands of students improve their learning skills and begin training their memory.      I strongly believe that the clarity of my explanations, along with the easy-to-understand practical applications I present in my lessons, will make you better understand what memory improvement is about.     I'm also the creator of the Super Clever Advanced Learning Method (SCALM), a universal method that can help you learn any subject and even memorize entire books. Combining the most efficient memory techniques, this original method is extremely efficient and versatile.       On my blog, 'The Mnemo Bay', you can find an organized framework for everything related to memory improvement, which can give you a clear picture of what this wonderful hobby and skill can do for your life.